Sikh Human Rights Group.

We are a non-governmental organisation with UN ECOSOC status, promoting pluralism, environment, diversity, human rights & responsibilities
SHRG who we are

The Sikh Human Rights Group is an NGO with UN ECOSOC status promoting pluralism, environment, diversity, human rights and responsibilities.

It is based on Sikh philosophy.

With an emphasis on pluralism, SHRG champions good intentions and diverse approaches that can be found within different civilisations, cultures and peoples.

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SHRG who we are
Dignity. Diversity. Human Rights.

All human beings and communities co-exist with dignity and in harmony with each other with nature and with the cosmos as taught by Sikhi. To promote the principles of Sikh philosophy in the fields of voluntary sector activities, research and human rights work through projects and by supporting, funding and working in partnership with other organisations and individuals regardless of their belief, religion, race or nationality.

The Board.
Manjit Singh Gill QC
Manjit Singh Gill QC.
Professor Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair
Professor Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair.
Dr. Darryl Macer
Dr Darryl Macer.
The Commitee
Dr. Jasdev Rai
Dr. Jasdev Rai
Professor Hassan Kaya
Professor Hassan Kaya.
The team
Ivan Lorenci De Francisco    
Albert Barseghyan
Albert Barseghyan
Bethan Walters
Bethan Walters
Mr Carlos Arbuthnott
Mr Carlos Arbuthnott
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SHRG Videos
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06th Jul 2024
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03rd Apr 2024